We’re A Full-Service Establishment

No matter the hardwood floor project, we have the expertise to handle it.


As far as we see it, we only know one way of installing hardwood floors. Properly and with care. We take precautions to mitigate dust, level subfloors, and inspect moisture levels before installing the floors that will be a part of your home for years to come.

We offer one of the widest selections of hardwood, engineered wood, and luxury vinyl tile in all of Northern Nevada, but if you have a specific product that you already have in mind, we will install it for you with as much care as possible.


Our experts take pride in restoring old hardwood floors, bringing them back to their original appearance before the years of kids and pets running rampant. With a sanding process that will mitigate the amount of dust created in your home, breathe easy knowing the final result won’t require dusting. And don’t forget to demand the picture-perfect color you desire. With over 50 different stains colors and various methods of sealing, you can make sure that we will find a color that will feel right at home next to everything else in your home.


A great way to finish off the installation of a new floor is by picking a great baseboard to bring everything together. When you come into our shop and find your perfect floor, you can also find the perfect base and our experts will be happy to install it with precision that will match the floor.


We’ve crafted enough stairs to scale a mountain. Our team has the foresight and ability to find complications before they become problems. With careful planning, our experts will prepare and install a staircase that will make you fall in love with moving up to the next level.


Sometimes, change is difficult and unnecessary. When that’s the case, a simple repair can be seen as a big relief. Whether it’s a large crack, a buckled floor, or damage to a single plank, rest assured that we will fix the floor and bring it to a like-new condition that already feels familiar.


Even beautiful staircases need a touch-up every once and a while. Installing new treads, risers, or handrails can definitely refresh the staircase and the area around it. A re-finish of the staircase by sanding and then staining is also a wonderful idea when you have beautiful hardwood floors that you want to match.

Inspiration Gallery

Some ideas as to what is possible with a little bit of vision and a solid choice of flooring.